It is the policy of Ceres to be completely GE free

As a founding sponsor of GE Free communities and a supporter of various GE Free movements and actions, including MADGE & GE Coalition, we endeavour to keep our food supply free of contamination.

Our suppliers provide documentation covering their GE Free policy and some do random testing, and so we state that the ingredients in all our products are GE Free.

However, because of the possibility of cross-pollination of organic crops with genetically modified plants, we cannot absolutely say everything is GE Free. It is possible to have minute traces of genetically modified material in some foods and the costs of continual testing are prohibitive. We believe that certified organic foods are the best way of avoiding GE material and we will continue to work to keep this so.


We believe the release of genetically engineered organisms into the environment is a tragedy for the earth and human beings. We believe the lack of understanding of what lies behind the work that is being undertaken, together with the haste in which it is being pursued as well as the underlying motives, could lead the world into a phase of social and ecological destruction.

We believe that, especially in the field of biotechnology, it is essential to embrace a view of human and natural life as being much more than mere matter waiting to be manipulated. The spiritual aspects of life must be considered at all times, alongside its material aspects.

We believe that the world hunger problem indicates a social dilemma, rather than physical shortage. The promise of relief from hunger by means of genetically modified food is in itself a delusion. This will be resolved only with advances in social mechanisms, to enable food surpluses to be transferred from one affluent area to a poverty stricken one, and for third world countries to be given the resources to learn how to enliven and enrich their own land with biological farming methods.

While New Zealand enjoys a world image of being clean and green, which in itself is of increasing advantage in a world slowly declining into environmental decay, the true picture reveals a very high use of agricultural chemicals. The international demand for our agricultural products reflects this rather distorted ‘green’ image, which we believe should be protected and enhanced at all costs. The rejection of GE food by consumers, particularly in Europe, should give rise to concern over the release of GE organisms into our environment. The uncertain promise of GE, while tantalizing in its own way, could lead to a loss of trade advantage and a reduction of the livelihood we currently enjoy.

Ceres will continue to work for a GE free New Zealand, where the ecology of the living organism is prized above all.