Our New Location

From technical drawings to ‘bricks and mortar’, we have witnessed our dream turn into reality.  We have taken residence in our new “Green Home” at 82 Carbine Road.The journey began at the end of 2013 when the existing derelict building on the site was disassembled to obtain materials for re-use and recycling. This is in keeping with the basic requirements for “green star” certification, which assesses the environmental impact of a building’s site selection, design, construction, materials and maintenance.

Embracing the latest in sustainability design, our new office and warehouse facility features a rainwater collection system along with low water usage fittings and a solar hot water system. The need for mechanical air conditioning and artificial lighting is minimised with extensive use of natural ventilation and daylight harvesting. A fully automated building management system (BMS) will monitor lighting, CO2 levels, and water and energy usage. There is also a dedicated recycling area to minimise the volume of waste that could end up in landfill. In fact, everything from the building materials, carpet and installation, to the windows, fittings and even the building positioning has been chosen with minimal environmental impact and optimal energy efficiency in mind.


While all these building features may sound like ‘corporate” jargon, they are in fact the very expression of our eco-friendly culture. In over 30 years of Ceres Enterprises’ existence, we have stayed true to the organic ethos of promoting the sustainability of the earth and the people on it. This purpose-built facility supports our commitment to the environment and the Ceres community that we serve. Having an efficient building will help improve our work flow and efficiency — important considerations for us and for our customers.We are aiming to get a 5-Star Green Certification — the first for a distribution facility in New Zealand.


It took a year to construct the new building, starting with the demolition of the existing building on the site that was then harvested for materials to use in the new green building. Concrete was ground down and reused in the driveway, steel was re-engineered for use throughout the building and all materials used throughout the office are recycled or low volatile organic compounds which meet Green Star Standards.